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love! just love! [Apr04'2007 07:16PM]
[ mood | blah ]

My first theme, was first love, now i'm like fuck it, just love. so if anyone can just give me any words on love. journal entry, poem, just a little quote from yourself. stuff like how you feel about it, a time you were in love, anything relative to love! please please please! pretty please! if i becomea millionaire from this magazine i'll like, ummm, buy you something.

pretty please

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this month's theme....First Love! [Apr02'2007 06:25PM]
This month's theme......First Love!

So the magazine,s first issue is going to be themed "First Love." So you guys, start sending me your journal entries dedicated to your first loves. Poems, quotes, even if it's just two sentences describing how you felt when you first met that person.

Don't forget the date you wrote it on.

Alright, thanks guys. Later.

starting a magazine, i need your help! [Mar30'2007 02:30PM]
Hello. So if anyone on this thing really knows me then they know that I always wanted to start a magazine. Well magazines. Emphasis on on the pluralization. So if you have a

Interesting journal entry.

Or an interesting piece of writing.

Or you wanna be a model please respond to this.

But it wuold be really great if you guys has a journal entry. If you do have a poem or something, or song lyrics you wrote, or i dunno, a non-fictional story you wanna tell. Title it by the date. If it happened on more than one date, go like march 18,2007-march 24, 2007.

Alright, thanks you guys.

Bye :)
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I hate weight loss, it's not fair! [Mar03'2007 07:55AM]
I hate flucuating! I hate being at fat ass! I hate my body! Why am I still going up and down, I'm eating right, I'm exercising, what the fuck! Does God hate me? Ugh I hate this. It's been like a week and nothing. Nothing!
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[Mar01'2007 08:08PM]
Ugh. I hate myself today. I hate my face, I hate my body, everything. I just feel like I'm gonna be fat forever. Or by the time I do lose all of this weight I'm gonna be like 30. Ugh. I dont wanna be fat anymore! I wish this would speed up. I know you're suppose to tone up, but I don't wanna get bulky and muscular. I just wanna be thin. I wouldn't care so much about the number on the scales if my clothes fit better. I only lost 1 lb. this week. Will I lose anything next week? What, like five ounces? Ugh. I hate this! My instructor said he'd make a profile for me and he hasn't yet. I hate to bug him for it, but I really wanna start toning up.

Ugh this sucks.
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my new hair! [Feb25'2007 07:23PM]
I got extensions. Man I'm never going back to natural hair. I feel like a kid discovering a new toy. Look!

my new hairCollapse )
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[Feb18'2007 08:27AM]
[ mood | cheerful ]

So yeah, I think that I'm gonna really change myself this year. I'm gonna start standing up for myself more, even if it's painful. I'm gonna turn myself in to a deadly fighting machine. I think I'll take Karate this year. I feel a little old but I dunno. I think it would be a cool hobby to have. I wish I had someone to do it with. I'm gonna say what I think and not care if you like me or not. THat shouldn't suggest that I'm gonna be a jerk, but if I disagree with you I'm gonna say it. Yep, 2007 is looking pretty sweet right now.

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new one [Nov26'2006 06:23PM]
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

critiques? like it don't like it? why not? which do you like best?
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coming to an end...... [Aug04'2006 12:18PM]
[ mood | cranky ]

I'm coming home tomorrow. Yes. I was hoping we were gonna go into town today so I could by some souvenoirs but, I haven't seen my mom and Aunt for a while so yah, doesn't look like that's happening. I wanted to buy some puppets, damn them.

Looking at these pictures, I'm kind of dissapointed in myself. I wanna be a photographer, but my pictures look so bad. So I'm gonna start taking more pictures when I get back, reading more about technique, and start back. I've been so out of it that my work is starting to suffer, and I seriously need to get started on my portfolio, even though I'm afraid about what I'll put in my portfolio. I'm gonna go on the beach tonight and see if I get good shots. Later :)

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[Jan22'2006 03:50PM]
Hi, I want to start working on my art portfolio for school and I'm thinking about doing some pictures that have words that are visible, but don't distract you from the picture. I just wanted to ask if the picture I did do that with look tacky. And if it did, how to improve that.

This is the first one. The original copy.

second oneCollapse )
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Friends Only. [Oct27'2005 10:25PM]

Must like photography.
18 and older.
Active on livejournal.
Comment to be added (it's a sure thing)
Have a good one
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